Since Select OPTIMUS automatically carries the information from the first point to the last point, Select OPTIMUS minimizes the loss of time and error and provides you with the time and cost you spend on these things, and this gains the biggest share in your competition and customer satisfaction gains. For this reason, Select OPTIMUS is part of success, helping to increase your profitability.

Improves Efficiency and Profit

Improves Efficiency and Profit

Improves operational processes by user defined rules and triggers to forsee problems and to reduce cost of operation for efficiency and higher profit.

23 Years Experience of Logistics
Changing The Way of Doing Logistics
Improves Visibility

Improves Visibility

Improves visibility by advanced customer portal and collecting/delivering data online from every end point that shipment passes for customer satisfaction.

Increases Customer Experience

Increases Customer Experience

Improves customer experience and involvement for customer retention.

23 Years Experience of Logistics
Changing The Way of Doing Logistics
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Cloud Based

Select Optimus is a cloud-based program. Wherever you want, you can access any of the devices you want. Cloud-based Optimus does not require investment, reduces your operating cost. Provides continuous control. The Cloud-based Optimus helps you eliminate the concept of time and place and help you work on a universal platform.

Mobil Cihaz Uyumlu

Mobile Device Compatible

Thanks to its technology, you can reach the platform and use the system with all kinds of devices and operating systems. Thanks to device independence, low cost access is provided.

23 Years Experience of Logistics
Changing The Way of Doing Logistics
Tek Platform

Single Platform

It is the solution where all parties meet on the same platform and all your processes can be carried out in one program. From multimodel transportation to warehouse management, from fleet management to customer relationship management, from the customer portal to the supplier portal, all needs are in one platform.

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Other Gains

- Integrated branches
- Increases productivity with ease of use and necessary details
- Provides operational and financial control
- Reduces your costs by up to 50% thanks to its automation
- Increases your sales and profitability
- Reduces your expense leaks
- Saves time and reduces cost in repeated jobs
- Increases customer satisfaction
- Allows you to handle simultaneous processes with instant data flow

23 Years Experience of Logistics

Why Choose a cloud-based system owner?

Current Systems

Current Systems

  • High Server cost
  • License cost for remote access
  • High purchase cost
  • High total cost in the long run
  • Suitable for local or small branch companies
  • Fast use in office, slow use outside
  • Need another hardware support company
  • Licenses to renew
  • Security system installations
  • Separate system for backup
  • Backup control difficulty
  • Management of long-term reserves
Select Cloud

Select Cloud

  • No server required
  • Free remote access
  • Rental model with low initial cost
  • Low total cost in the long run
  • Globalized and multi-branch companies next to the local
  • Fast use anywhere.
  • Maintenance and support.
  • All licenses are included and up to date
  • Top security systems are used
  • The backup system is included.
  • Reserves are controlled..
  • Includes long-term backup service..