Logistics Software for Warehouse Management

Select Optimus is changing the way to logistics with features and integrations that make all processes of Warehouse Enterprises easier.

Why Select Optimus is the Most Ideal Logistics Software for Warehouse Management?

Select Optimus, a cloud-based online logistics software, offers the ideal solutions for warehouse management companies with its flexible and easy warehouse management, unlimited warehouse and location management options, error-free warehouse entry-exit operations, integrations and online infrastructure.

Ease of Use

Select Optimus warehouse software is flexible, easy to use. You can start managing your warehouses of different sizes with easy parameters.

Unlimited Warehouse Management

You can open unlimited number of warehouses, define locations for all warehouses, and specify the rules for warehousing and storage.

Zero Inventory Error

Select Optimus WMS allows you to work with zero stock error by providing error-free input and output operations with rules created for warehouse inputs and outputs. You can minimize errors with rules and controls.

Perfect Warehouse Management

With line barcode, square barcode and RFID usage, you can perfect warehouse management.

Increase Productivity

You can follow all transactions and in-warehouse employees with the created KPIs and maximize your effective working rate.

Customer Integration

With instant customer integrations, you can instantly get your input and output work orders instantly and send your confirmations online. With this automation, you can minimize keyboard usage and reduce errors.

Customer Management

With the portal that you will open to the customer over the internet, your customer can follow up their own inventory and enter work orders.

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Benefits of Select Optimus WMS

Ok icon Easy to use
Ok icon Quick use
Ok icon Error reduction
Ok icon Controlled warehouse operations
Ok icon Zero error inventory tracking
Ok icon Online transactions with integrations
Ok icon Error-free and fast in-store operations with the use of barcodes
Ok icon Open your own inventory to your customer over the Internet, follow the work orders
Ok icon Increase customer satisfaction
Ok icon More efficient warehouse management with automation
Ok icon More efficient warehouse management with automation